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QuizzGlass Designs is an information technology incubator for small farms with big dreams. We provide IT infrastructure so that farmers can focus on the things that really matter - taking care of the farm and taking care of family. Our IT experts manage a network of service providers for everything a business needs to stop surviving and start thriving, including email addresses, websites, and merchandising.



We own a small farm, and our mission is to build communities of opportunities so we can all prosper. 




After 20+ years in technology consulting, we bought our first farm and immediately realized how much time we'd spend on tech before we even bought seeds for our first crop. We received so much help in planting that we decided to provide services in our area of expertise: technology and merchandising. QuizzGlass Designs provides low-cost tech to new farms (like us), so farmers can focus on farming and family. 




We provide everything a farming project needs to get the word out:

  • A farming project email address

  • A basic informational web page

  • Tee-shirts and other merchandise

  • Marketing support

  • and more...




  • Hops Meadow Farm. A small farm on 88 acres in the mountains of West Virginia, poised to be the first Black-owned hops farm east of the Mississippi. Our philosophy is family-focused farming. Our main goal is to pay our mortgage so our kids can keep their farm, using replicble methods so our neighbors can keep their farms, while building the local economy so our kids can build a life without leaving the farm.

  • The Romney Hops Project. An incubator for hops micro-farms. Funded by a grant from Veterans and Heroes to Agriculture, the Hops Project is a training and mentorship program that uses hops to foster agricultural skills and grow the local economy.

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