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We're committed to helping small farmers with big dreams because we are small farmers with big dreams. 

In January 2022, we bought 88 acres in West Virginia in hopes of moving to the country and starting a self-sustaining commercial farm. Our version of "self-sustaining" included growing food for our friends and family while generating profits to pay down the sizeable mortgage and saving money for kids, college, cars, and other adulting expenses. 

The first thing we learned is that you're not a farm until you have an EIN.  The second thing is that you're not a farm until you have an email address with the word "farm" in it and a website with pictures of farming. The email address and website are the keys to contacting suppliers, building relationships with farm offices, and joining the collaborative farming community. 

From 2020 to 2021, QuizzGlass was a thriving consulting business providing custom designs for social activists and corporate gifts. We helped people connect and communicate. When we bought the farm, we shifted gears from helping people connect and communicate on social issues to helping farmers get their ideas started.


Now QuizzGlass partners with small farmers and small(er) farming projects. We provide low-cost information technology infrastructure like email addresses, a landing page, merchandising support, and social media content.  We subscribe to expensive services so that small farms don't have to. Partnering with QuizzGlass saves farms hundreds of dollars in yearly administrative overhead and teaches skills the farmers can use when they're ready to strike out on their own. 

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