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Hops Meadow Farm


Hops Meadow Farm is a small family farm in Romney, WV.  We are championing food resiliency for West Virginia’s farming families. 

Established in 2022 on land that has been farmed since the early 1900’s, Hops Meadow is dedicated to family-focused farming.


This means we are aiming to feed our kids, pay off our mortgage and ensure our kids can keep the farm. We want our neighbors to develop sustainable agriculture so their kids can keep their farms. And we want to build the local economy in the town of Romney and surrounding areas of Hampshire County so the children near Romney, West Virginia can eat well, grow strong, and make a living close to home

The Hops Project

Our path to growing hops started with a project called "the Beer Project".


Launched in 2021, the Beer Project was our marketing pitch for friends, family, bankers, and the Small Business Administration. It represents one ultimate vision - an amazing experience of social spaces and technology bringing together people who love hops and the great outdoors.

The marketing pitch was an incredible success. We raised funds, refined our business plan, and ultimately purchased 88 acres to host our dream, 

Now, with 313 hops plants in the ground including 12 varieties of heritage hops and 3 varieties of NeoMexicanus hops, we know that hops are more than beer.

Coming Soon in 2024...

A downtown Grocery Garden with Pay-What-You-Can CSA

Being an agricultural producer means meeting people where they are - physically and financially.  In 2024, we are on track to launch a downtown Grocery Garden to provide fresh pick-your-own produce for local residents and visitors. 

The Grocery  Garden is a small contribution to food security for the local community and a proof of concept for how small farms can make a big difference.

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